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LOWBASS AREA is a codename for three jungle/drum'n'bass producers from Prague. Some of you might know, that we're talking about Honza (D-EGGG), Lukᚠ(Pushover) and Petr (Dry MC, one half of Frenzy). You can meet them every thursday in Punto Azul at the Hyperfunk drum'n'bass night with more or less famous Prague DJs.


Step by Hardstep D-EGGG is probably the most famous one from the three because of his officially released CD Smoke On The Waterpipe (Acid Juice Promotion). Even before that he supplied a track for (otherwise hip-hop oriented) compilation of the same agency, more compilations (OcuRec, Jungle Is Massive, Ocu Rec vol. 2) have followed soon. LowBass Area also released (burned?) D-EGGG's limited edition CD Step By Hardstep, where our sample Spirals (3d space mix) came from. Other tracks by D-EGGG are available at , or his employer Mr. Hevler's homepages (where you can also browse a gallery of T-/Sweatshirt designs by D-EGGG).

! NEW !

At the end of September 1998 LOWBASS AREA released its first vinyl - split of D-EGGG (maybe D-ÖGGG soon? :-) and FRENZY! Only available now is the cover, but we'll have the Audio soon... If you are interested in this record, mail D-Eggg at, or come to Punto Azul, and ask for it at the bar...

D-EGGG vs Frenzy