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STONEDHIGH is (mainly) jungle/drum'n'bass project of DJ Touchwood existing since end of 1996. His first release was a track on BRADAHOOD presents :jungle is massive: compilation, called Silly Walk (walk 1), in June 1998 StonedHigh "released" a debut iD EP, containing Silly Walk and 3 more tracks - you might know some of them from Radio 1 broadcasting. Another compilation - FUTURE SOUND OF PRAGUE - is due soon (end of October?). Also ready to release a remix of a track from newly released album of Sluneční orchestr (The Sun Orchestra). Whenever there's something new from StonedHigh, you'll find it here. Audio samples are located in AUDIO section.


:jungle is massive: Track #9: Silly Walk (walk 1)
Koolest of da Kool
Silly Walk (walk 1)
To be released on Future Sound of Prague: Big Joint
Sluneční orchestr: Sun-Ba Cloudless Remix